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Conduct better customer interviews

You know you should be talking to your customers, but what are you supposed to ask? How do you make sure they don't chase rabbit trails and lead to pages of notes that never get reviewed?

  • JTBD interview outline

    When you begin an interview, provides you with an outline cheat sheet to calm your nerves and keep your interviews on track.

  • Example questions

    “What if I don't know what to ask?” Don't sweat it, provides a list of questions to keep in mind if the interview goes off track.

  • JTBD interview tips

    Customer interviews are as much an art as a science.'s interview UI reminds you of some helpful tips to keep in mind during your interview.

Interview Kickoff

Take care of some housekeeping before you launch into your questions.

We’re doing these interviews to learn more about how you produce a podcast.
I'll often repeat back to you what you just said to be sure I understand. If it's not 100% accurate, please help us to correct it.
To ensure we have consistency across the entire project, I’ll capture the steps in your process in a specific format which will sound like: Minimize the cost of transcribing an episode. Or, Increase the likelihood that listeners will leave a review.


Transition into the heart of the interview.

Let’s start at the beginning. What’s the first thing you have to do in order to produce a podcast?

Regardless of where they start, follow-up with, “Ok, makes sense. What about right before that? Anything you need to do first to make sure that goes well?”

Design and execute better surveys

Turn your qualitative interviews into quantitative insights with our easy-to-use templates and guides.

  • Validate observations

    Validate the observations from your customer interviews with an easy-to-execute survey.

  • Identify unmet customer needs

    Find the customer needs that are both important and unsatisfied.

How important is it to you that you are able to increase the likelihood that listeners will leave a review?

How satisfied are you with your ability to increase the likelihood that listeners will leave a review?

Visualize the results

Turn all that good work into sweet, sweet dataviz and zero in on the opportunities.

  • Identify profitable groups with cluster analysis uses a machine learning algorithm to find hidden groups of opportunity within your audience.

  • Highlight opportunities for product innovation

    Favorite the customer needs that are aligned with your team's strengths and save them for future conversations.

Turn opportunties into Ideas

As the data presents opportunities, you can group them together as high-level ideas for conversations with your team.

  • Data-backed ideation

    Brainstorm solutions for customer needs with confidence!

  • Customer-driven roadmap ensures that only ideas associated with real customer needs make it into your roadmap.

  • High-level status tracking

    Track the progress of ideas through the pipeline without digging into the weeds of project management.

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